The Thames Path

According to some of the guides the Thames Path runs on the south side of the River as it passes through Windsor, whilst
another one shows it on both banks. However, the Ordnance Survey has it clearly marked tight along the north bank, crossing the
River at Windsor Bridge (between Windsor and Eton), so if you wish to cover every step, then that is the route you should take.

Whichever you are (the "every stepper" or the "I'm just using it as a guide" type) Barbara's Bed and Breakfast is near to your
route. Directions:
Luggage Ahead
We have appeared on a couple of sites saying that we offer a luggage transfer service and we have helped
some walkers in the past. However, we don't offer it as a formal service. It is always worth an ask but there
are no guarantees - all the cars might be heading far away. A couple of the local Taxi firms are willing to
help and we can advise which are the best ones to try.

  1. Coming Downstream. Cross the River at the modern bridge carrying the dual carriageway. Turn left under the tunnel and right along the
    marked footpath. Turn left at the main road - we are 50 yards down on the left. In the morning if you are an every stepper retrace the route to
    the riverbank and continue downstream. If not turn left out of the door and first left and 200 yards later you will be back on the south side of
    the River.
  2. Going upstream. If you are looking to follow the marked route fully, cross the Windsor bridge and walk along the north bank until the road
    bridge and use the same directions (it saves backtracking in the morning). If you are not so worried keep on the southern side at Windsor
    Bridge then just after the Railway Bridge spot the signs for Cycle Route 4 and follow then into Vansittart Road. At the traffic lights turn right
    and we are 30 yards down on the right.

Remember that if you wish to cover the whole route the path in the Ordnance Survey map keeps right on the River, so when you
reach the small meadow just to the west of the Road Bridge you have to leave the made up path and follow the track in the grass.
Walking the
Thames Path